Some of my clients came to me jaded, after having a bad experience with another designer or SEO consultant. Business etiquette and integrity are hard to find. Good news! Don't be jaded anymore; I know just the cure. Me. :)


We own a bakery. What can online marketing do for us?

Bring new customers. Profit.

It doesn't matter what industry you're in, whether you're Brick-and-Mortar or internet-only, whether you're Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer, whether you're a startup or you've been around for decades...

Your company can benefit from online marketing. There are always actions we can take to improve your current situation.

Okay. What is this SEM/SERP/SEO I keep hearing about?

  • SERP: Search Engine Results Page.

    When someone searches online "Colorado Bakery", the SERP is the page which shows the results. As of this writing, Google™ search shows 4,400 searches per month for the phrase "Colorado Bakery." Those searches are potential customers. Naturally, as a bakery, you'll want to show up on the first page. That's where all the traffic is. Few people click to the second page.
  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing.

    This is how we'll get your website on the first page, and direct traffic to it. SEM strategies include: legitimate link-building, directory profiles, pay-per-click advertising, building a Google Maps™ mapping service presence, and SEO.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

    I build your website in the way search engines like, to bring new traffic. I also build your website in a way that people like, to convert that traffic into profit.
  • Then there's social media, which includes blogging, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

Everything above falls under the category of online marketing—which is one of three services I provide for my clients. The other two are Web Design and Logo Design.

How much does online marketing cost?

Between $100 and $5,000,000. Online marketing can be a one-time project, or a monthly service. There are a multitude of options, and I'll help you choose what's best for your business.

Does Broadsighted Design guarantee ranks? I get emails all the time from SEO companies, and they guarantee ranks.

No, I don't. It's impossible to guarantee ranks for quality keyphrases. So the next time you see a rank guarantee, it's a red flag which means you'll pay for worthless keyphrases. For an explanation, read on.

In keeping with the bakery theme... let us compare two very different phrases which an SEO consultant might optimize your website for.

Colorado Bakery

The phrase "Colorado bakery" is searched for (by your potential customers) 4,400 times per month. There are 13,900 web pages competing for the words "Colorado" and "bakery." This is a decent keyphrase—and the competition is fierce.

Colorado Glazed Doughnuts

Now let's look at the phrase "Colorado glazed doughnuts." It gets negligible searches. There are 0 web pages competing for the words "Colorado," "glazed," and "doughnuts." No one cares enough to optimize their website for this phrase, because potential customers aren't searching for it.

Online marketing companies who guarantee ranks will optimize your website for worthless keyphrases like this. Your money = down drain.

For "Colorado glazed doughnuts," I could guarantee first page ranks for your website. It would happen quickly. But I wouldn't. It wouldn't do your business any good. (And my clients' welfare is my welfare).

If you'd like to learn more about how SEM can help you, please contact me. Or, call or text me 24/7 at 720.998.2966. I'll respond during normal business hours.

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